Nashville’s Speakeasy Roaring 20sProhibition Style Cocktail Lounge

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Nashville, Tennessee's Speakeasy Roaring 20sProhibitions style Cocktail Lounge might be your perfect getaway from the city, but where do you find the best places to have a drink after dark? This article provides some great information on where to find the best bars and clubs, from New Orleans' Angel's Share to Philadelphia's 21st New York club to Chicago's Owl Bar.

Nashville's Speakeasy Roaring 20sProhibition style cocktail lounge

A nod to the past can be found at Nashville's Speakeasy, which includes an industrial cocktail lounge and a 1920s boiler room. The bar is located inside what was once the largest steam cleaning facility in the city. It has original electrical boxes, a coal hopper, and a smoke stack. While the interior may not look very swanky, the cocktail menu is full of classic favorites, and the bar features a fire show.

In the late 1920s, the United States was the only state that prohibited the sale and consumption of alcohol, and Nashville's Speakeasy Roaring 20'sProhibition style cocktail lounge is reminiscent of that era. Prohibition was in place until 1933, but the state worked out the stipulations and big name distillers eventually moved back to the state. Now, the state has several speakeasy-style cocktail lounges, all with a 1920s theme.

New Orleans' Angel's Share

In a refurbished 1920s building, the social club serves craft cocktails and locally brewed beers. In addition to its award-winning cocktail list, the restaurant also offers a gourmet food menu that includes artisanal cheeses, charcuterie, and homemade soups and salads. Cocktail ingredients include homemade tinctures and bitters, as well as fresh juices and bitters. In addition to its award-winning food menu, the Angel's Share also offers live jazz music.

A speakeasy was an underground club that allowed patrons to drink alcohol without detection. It was opened by the Aleix family in the uptown riverfront area in the 1920s. The bar was set up on the corner of Bienville and Bourbon Streets. This was the first speakeasy in the city, and the reputation spread through word-of-mouth.

Philadelphia's 21st New York club

Located near Rittenhouse Square, the Rainstead Room is a modern-day Speakeasy. Owner Steven Starr uses a secret door to invite guests into his speakeasy. Upon entering, patrons are greeted with a long bar and red leather booths. There's an Art Deco chandelier and vintage nudes lining the wall. Fresh fruit is displayed on a counter.

The prohibition era lasted until the early 1930s. While prohibition was officially over, Philadelphia still rivaled New York and Chicago in its resiliency. Despite the law, alcohol continued to flow freely in Philadelphia. The city's prohibition-era history is well documented by historians and the manager of Eastern State Penitentiary Historic Site. According to Anderson, the city's prohibition-era spirit production was done locally in bathtubs, stills, and factories.

Franklin Mortgage & Investment Company was named after Max "Boo Boo" Hoff, who ran a large Prohibition-era alcohol ring. It opened as a seating-room-only speakeasy in June 2009. While it is the most authentic Speakeasy in Philadelphia, it is also the most difficult to get into. This speakeasy is famous for its low-key decor and old-fashioned marble bar.

Chicago's Owl Bar

Located in the historic Belvedere Hotel, the Owl Bar has been a Chicago landmark since 1903. Its name comes from the two owl statues that adorn its back wall. Though the statues were lost at some point, they were rediscovered in 1976. Although it was previously only open to men, this speakeasy-style cocktail lounge now welcomes guests of all ages. Its signature drink is a Prohibition-style cocktail known as the Owl's Punch.

The first floor of the bar is dedicated to drinks, while the upstairs features a large mural that changes daily. The cocktail menu changes nightly, and it's the perfect spot to meet friends. While the vibe is relaxed and casual, the ambiance of this speakeasy-style cocktail lounge is chic and sultry. It's also a fun place for karaoke.